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Shanghai Langong Pumo Co.,Ltd is one makes each kind of fire extinguishing pump, The company technical force is abundant, the production check-out facility is advanced, the management science, the product quality stably reliable, the post-sale service consummates, each technical performance target achieves the design requirements. The company product mainly divides into eight big series: The clear water pump, the pollution discharge pump, the chemical pump, the oil pump, the air conditioning pump, the fire extinguishing pump, the electrically controlled cabinet and the complete set for the water equipment, widely apply in professions and so on petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, mine, electricity generation, thermal energy, urban construction, sewage treatment, fire facility, central heating, agricultural irrigation and drainage.

Strives for perfection, the service society is we forever the invariable objective, blue labor pump industry by hundred time of endeavors, conscientious, is unceasingly enterprising, by a higher quality product and thorougher service, back and forth newspaper office meeting deep affection!

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